Other Services

Have you got an area in your property or an item of upholstery that require professional attention? We have the solution with our specialised equipment. We will make it all look as good as new.

You can add our specialty services to any package for an additional cost or you can book them independently.


Steam Cleaning

With a revolutionary approach of using the power of pure steam, our steam cleaner kills 99.9% of all bacteria using only regular tap water. This is a chemical free and extremely efficient way of cleaning problem areas. It cleans ovens, hobs and extractor fans in the kitchen while working as fantastically in the bathroom with persistent mould and lime scale.



Upholstery Cleaning

We use a spray extractor cleaner which is a powerful carpet and upholstery cleaner. The extraction cleaner simultaneously injects detergent and vacumes to achive a deep clean on any carpet or sofa. Yielding impressive, professional results every time. 



High Pressure Cleaning

Our pressure washer is very versatile and it is suitable for a range of surfaces and materials. It effectively cleans any dirt, mould or grime on your outside spaces such as paved surfaces, stone floors, decking, garden, driveway and building exterior.